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Petite trans girl Elise Luxxx is as cute as a button. She loves cuddles, and she loves being a bottom. You could just wrap your arms and legs around this baby girl and never let her go. But why don't you start but licking on her fuzzy balls instead...they taste like honey…because she is a goddess. Trace the line all the way from her trans girl pussy, up her taint, and back to her sack. She slips out of her tiny red dress and red high heeled boots. With her cute turquoise nails, she starts to stroke her precious little package. She rubs herself all the way down to her pale, soft feet and wiggles her toes. She moans sweetly as she tickles and teases her thighs. Now with her ass up in the air, she's ready for you to fuck her. You drill her so hard and fast she can barely catch her breath. Her feet hang off the side of the couch, and her pretty balls hang down between her legs. She even stuffs a set of pink anal beads into her tight hole before painstakingly pulling them back out one by one. After sucking your cock dry of cum, she tugs her lady dick until her body erupts in a super messy and wet orgasm.

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